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EastLake Alternative Energy continues to offer more in products related to outdoor wood boilers. If you are looking for Water to Air Heat Exchangers we have every typical size of Water to Air Heat Exchanger that you will need at the best prices.  A Water to Air Heat Exchanger is required to connect your existing or new outdoor wood boiler and other devices to a home's conventional heating system.

We offer Insulated Boiler Pipe or Insulated Underground Pipe to connect your outdoor wood boiler. Also see our new Eastlake Wood Boiler, which you can connect to our Water to Air Heat Exchanger to heat your home.  

As consumers scramble to find ways to lower or eliminate their heating bills,  Water to Air Heat Exchangers have become a commodity that is much needed to complete the installation of outside wood boilers.

EastLake Alternative Energy has also engineered and built an automated system to manufacture large quantities of insulated boiler pipe at lower costs, thus passing along the savings to our customers.


I can't believe how inexpensive your heat exchangers are, and you include shipping. I would like to pay you a little extra for the shipping, you are way cheaper than anyone else out there.

Sidearm Heat Exchangers

We have several sidearm heat exhangers that are designed to work perfectly with most outdoor wood boilers and/or standard conventional hot water tank system.

Available sidearm heat exchangers are:

  •  SAS1 - Sweat ports
  • SAT1 - Threaded ports

About our water to air heat exchangers

Our water to air heat exchangers are a great fit for a variety of heating applications. These compact units are designed to maximize heat transfer by utilizing a series of 3/8" copper tubes with a high density of aluminum fins. These fins are spaced at 12 fins per inch causing minimal air flow resistance through these coils.

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If you order over $1,000 worth of parts you will receive a 5% discount (excluding insulated pipe and boilers)!

Do you need a custom size heat exchanger? Call 479-696-9753 or e-mail john@eastlakeenergy.com for a quote.



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